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  Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our product and provide the answers here.

If you need additional information send email to kharvey@bedbugpajamas.com.

1. What is the most comfortable way to wear my Bed Bug Pajamas?

Bed Bug Pajamas may be comfortably worn as is or with a thin layer of clothing underneath.

2. Can Bed Bug Pajamas be washed?

Yes, these pajamas are machine washable in warm water and dried on a high heat setting.

3. How do I keep bed bugs from getting inside my Bed Bug Pajamas?

If you are in a hotel, each morning hang the pajamas in an upright fashion.  On your day of departure, simply place your BB Pajamas in a sealed plastic bag.  Once you are home, place the plastic bag into the clothes dryer and then remove them from the bag while your arms are still in the dryer. It is suggested that the plastic bag be discarded but some bags may be dryer safe.  Please check with the bag's manufacturer for more information.  Set your dryer on "high" for 40 minutes.  Once removed, the pajamas are bed bug free and ready to be packed for the next trip.    

If you are wearing them at a residence where a clothes dryer is readily available, simply place them in the dryer EVERY morning.  Set your dryer on "high" for 40 minutes.  Once the dryer has stopped, the pajamas are bed bug free and ready to be worn again.

4. How do I stop the intense itching and burning from the bed bug bites?

I have found that there is only one option that will stop the itching and burning.  Make an ice pack and hold it on the area that is itching.  You may have to keep it there for 5-10 minutes.  When the itching stops, place the ice pack back into the freezer until the itching begins again.  The itching and burning will occur several times each day for up to one month. The ice pack is by far the most effective.  If an ice pack is not available sometimes placing a bottle of cool liquid (soda, water, etc.) and rolling it over the area that itches will provide some relief.  

5. What do I do if the face piece gets panty hose type tears or runs? 

Sometimes through washing or drying your pajamas small blemishes will appear on the face piece.  You can fix these blemishes by placing one finger on the inside of the face piece and use a finger from the other hand on the outside of the face piece.  Gently rub these areas until the fabric comes back to its original place.  I must emphasize that this process is done very gently.  

  Not intended for people younger than 18 years of age.