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    Bed Bug  
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Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products by choosing Bed Bug Pajamas.

We are the only business of this kind and we work hard to make sure that Bed Bug Pajamas will satisfy your needs.  

Bed Bug Pajamas are a total body encasement product thereby providing the best bite protection available.

Allersoft fabric is your bed bug solution because it is durable and easy to care for. It is a Polyester/Cotton blend and has successfully undergone scientific testing for prevention, penetration and feeding by bed bugs.

The face piece allows for easy breathing and virtually clear visibility.  

All pajamas come with attached hood and feet as well as 100% heavy cotton gloves.

• Fabric is lightweight and breathable

• Complete bed bug barrier

• Easy to see through mask

• Machine washable and dryable

• Comfortable during both sleep and daytime lounging

Pillow encasements in the same great Allersoft fabric are coming soon!!